Participant's Feedback

Participant's Feedback

"I got novel ideas to develop my research in a new direction"

Ms. R.Thangam, Participant of X winter school on “Environmental Genomics"


“It was a great pleasure working with such learned and skilled team, always ready to help and clear doubts. It was indeed a good learning period”  ,

Ms.Ms.Zeenath Khan,Participant of X winter school on “Environmental Genomics”


“The training programme has given me confidence to set up a molecular lab in my college where I am working ”

Ms.C.Anitha,Participant of III summer school on “Recombinant DNA Technology”


“Innovative ideas come to my mind after participating in the training programme”

Mr. Pradipta Ranjan Rauta, Participant of XII summer school on “Immunotechnology”


“The training increased my confidence in doing research work related to molecular biology”

Ms. Sarita Kar, Participant of VII summer school on “PCR Applications”“The training was very helpful to understand the basics of cell culture techniques and standardization of RT-PCR”


Om Singh Rathore, Participant of XIV summer school on “Human Cellular Functional Assays“

The practical knowledge gained from this training was very much useful in execution of the research projects”


Dr.T.N.Manohara, Participant of V winter school on “Biodiversity and conservation”

“The training programme had helped me to design experiments to execute my research work”


Ms.Rojita Mishra, Participant of XV winter school on “Plant Tissue culture Applications”


“The training was very good and I learnt basic as well as advanced plant tissue culture techniques”
Mr. Ramakrishnan, Participant of XV  winter school on “Plant Tissue culture Applications”


“The technique that I have learned is the need of modern era of research”
Mr.Subodh Kumar, Participant of XII summer school on “Immunotechnology”


“Each candidate was given a free hand to explore and use the infrastructure and have a strong grasp over the topic concerned including the lectures by eminent persons. Reagent and kits were not a limitation as I single handedly used most of the miRNA isolation kit. The training certainly has broaden the level and direction of thinking in carrying out the research”
Mr.Gaurav Parashar, Participant of VI  winter school on “Gene silencing”


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